The cable car control system of an inductive transmission system has been specifically designed to establish a reliable signal connection between the cabins and the driving station, without requiring a suspension cable. The signal connection is made over an electrically insulated cable (e.g. tractor cable).


Drive Station

The entire drive control system is housed in a power- and control cabinet. The engine is controlled by a frequency converter. For the transmission of signals to/from the car to the tractor cable, a coupling coil is needed. Batteries are used for the uninterrupted power supply of the cars. The charging in the stations will be made by power rails.



  • Power cabinet
  • Control cabinet
  • Coupling coils
  • power rails and charging station for the cars




The control system for the car is divided into several units for the reason of available space. Thus, the entire control system can be optimal placed on the car. The control system is divided into the power supply/batteries, the electronic box, the connection box and the coupling coil for signal transmission to/from the drive station.



  • Power supply
  • Electronic box
  • Connection box
  • Coupling coils